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Maple Hill Holiday Parade Kalamazoo

The Parade Units


Marching Bands

Our marching bands are front and center and their participation is critical to the success of the event and community celebration. 

Marching bands participate for free and the transportation costs are covered at the end of the event. If you are associated with a band, high school, or marching band program, please fill out the application (online or on paper) so we can help you be a part of this great tradition. Upon receipt of your application, you will be sent a document explaining the reimbursement process for transportation costs. 



Applications for the 2023 Kalamazoo Holiday Parade are now open!
Online Application
Paper Application

This is the holiday parade, so that means that ALL holidays in November and December count for this parade. Creativity, people who want to entertain and get dressed up in a costume, and the pure joy of promoting your business or organization is the purpose. 

Entries are $75.00 for non-profits and $100.00 for for-profits.  There are two ways to submit your application: click the link above and fill out the application online; or click on the hard copy application above and fill it out and fax it or mail it. This application allows the event team to help you plan out what the entry will look like and how it needs to be decorated with everyone dressed up in some sort of costume.

In 2023, parade units are eligible to win two prizes for "best of show." The for-profit organization winner will receive a trophy and the nonprofit winner will receive a cash prize to support the charitable mission.


It takes work and creativity to have a parade unit
But, you "got" this!

Being a parade unit takes a lot of commitment. And, this is why we have some pretty specific guidelines. The parade application outlines all of them. If you are considering being in the parade, here are some basic guidelines this year: 

  • All walking units should consider a way to make their walking unit have "depth." We recommend that you include a decorated vehicle.

  • No "street clothes" allowed - so that means that everyone has to be dressed for the parade (a hat is not a "dressed for the parade" element.

  • Walking units should be limited to 25 people so that you make the best impression. 

  • Decorations are designed to help people remember your organization or business - a wreath on a truck is not decorations.

Maple Hill Auto Group

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The Event Team

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