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We are the
Maple Hill Holiday Parade Kalamazoo


Making Holiday Traditions

Back in 1998, Maple Hill Auto Group was asked to help "save" the Kalamazoo Holiday Parade and since that time, this parade is part of our local fabric, We were asked again in 2021 to come and manage the parade.  Our involvement is to create the framework for an event that is sustainable and one that continues the tradition that started this parade in 1962. 

The Team at Maple Hill Auto Group

Jim VandenBerg

Abby VandenBerg

Randi DeSantis


We absolutely love events!

At KELC Events, we manage events and actually helped to run the Kalamazoo Holiday Parade for nearly 18 years. We are a nonprofit organization that engages and empowers college interns to be amazing and committed event planners. This is why we are excited to partner with Maple Hill Auto Group to help manage this parade.

Deborah Droppers

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